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Hey all my Canadian peeps, I hope you all had a wonderful day today and caught some amazing fireworks! We had a pretty laid back day, mostly we stayed inside and hid from the horrible heat and humidity, I did venture out this morning with Robbie to get some groceries (which felt weird to do on a holiday) but mostly we hid in the A/C. I made steak, sauteed mushrooms, corn on the cob, fries and gravy for dinner, it was so yummy!! I used the nice indoor grill my parents got me for Christmas last year, it's amazing, although I still miss having a charcoal grill. :(

Once it got dark we headed out in search of fireworks for Robbie, he loves them and has been looking forward to them all week. We first stopped at the park at the end of our street because there are usually a ton of people out there letting off fireworks, but of course today there was nothing. I've had a migraine all day and I didn't want to get stuck in the middle of a crowd so I was trying to avoid going to an official display, but we decided to risk going to City Hall because I work a block away from there and know a lot of the area well. On the way there I had the brilliant idea that we could use the underground parking at my work (you can only access it with a pass so it wasn't crowded at all) and walk over to city hall. Well, we found a nice stretch of lawn about half way between my work and city hall where we sat and watched the display. The bonus to this was that once the display was over we high tailed it back to the car and got out of the area before most people had even gotten to their cars!! WOOT, we totally avoided a huge mess of traffic and got home within an hour of leaving!!!!!! I call that a successful night. Robbie passed out in the car and then went back down fairly quickly once we got him inside and pj's on.

Now I'm just going to chill with Eric for a bit since I don't have work tomorrow! :D I'll make more of an entry tomorrow, and post some pics of Robbie's SK grad and beaver ceremony.

Happy Birthday Canada, you are an awesome country and I am proud to call you home! :D *hugs*
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