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So with the new year and some new perspective I was wondering if I should even bother with resolutions this year, I never keep up with them and it seems a waste of time. That is until I stumbled on an interesting blog post today over on Pinstrosity (seriously, if you spend time on Pinterest or just like DIY gone wrong check it out, they are hilarious! http://pinstrosity.blogspot.ca/) by Marquette, one of the writers of the blog, with a great alternative to the standard vague resolution everyone makes. (Here's the link to her post where she explains it all, http://pinstrosity.blogspot.ca/2013/01/101-things.html) She writes down 101 things she wants to accomplish this year and then goes through the list whenever she is bored or wants to do something new. I love this idea so here goes my first 101 things list! It won't be complete when I post it, but I will continue to add to it which is why I have made this a sticky post so I can come back to it over time. As I complete things on my list they will be put on a completed list along with the date and a link to pictures or the recipe/directions for any projects. The thing with this is that if I don't manage to do all the things on my list by the end of the year that's ok, I still will have done a lot and can feel proud.

101 things for 2013!

1. Play with Robbie every day for at least 30 mins
2. Try 10 new recipes from Pinterest
3. Keep up with dishes for a month
4. Get business website up and running
5. Go to at least one networking meeting
6. Make three new RL friends
7. Post to business website, twitter and FB weekly once website is up
8. Learn one new craft
9. Try 5 projects from Pinterest
10. Limit fast food to once a week
11. Create and stick to a budget
12. Go on three dates with Eric
13. Take time for myself once a month
14. Start saving for a real vacation
15. Make stock for my store
16. Order/make label ribbons for attaching to my finished products for sale
17. Organize Robbie's toys
18. Clean out hall and bedroom closets
19. Attend at least one craft show to sell my wares
20. Start and stick with doing some exercise every day
21. Organize craft stuff
22. Set up a good work space for crafts
23. Do a DITL once a month for the year
24. Take more pictures of Robbie
25. Send more pictures of Robbie to the in-laws
26. Move into a bigger apartment
27. Say one positive thing to myself each day
28. Engage one stranger in conversation each time I go out of the house for one month
29. Read two new books
30. Sing karaoke once
31. Throw a dinner party once we're in a bigger apartment
32. Complete NaNoWriMo
33. Start practicing Dvorak again
34. Fit into a size large
35. Get dressed every day for a month whether I'm leaving the house or not
36. Take Robbie to the park at least once a week
37. Try 5 science experiments with Robbie
38. Reduce my pop consumption to one a day
39. Try one new food
40. Have dinner with SIL, BIL and their kids at least once a month.
41. Organize kitchen better.
42. Have more patience with Robbie.
43. Add more veggies to my meals.
44. Work out chore chart for the family.
45. Help Robbie with reading every night.

This is not done yet, I will be back to add more, but I can't think of anything else right now. :D

Date: 2013-01-15 06:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] cookiechris80.livejournal.com
This sounds great and looks like a great start to your year. Good luck and I look forward to seeing you accomplish your list! PS... I'm on Pinterest! If you want I'll pm my name to ya!

Date: 2013-01-15 08:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flowerchild23.livejournal.com
Thanks, not sure how much of it I'll get done, but at least I have some goals for this year. :D

Yes please, I'm on there so much these days, I have the app on my phone so anytime I'm out and board it's onto Pinterest I go! :D


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