Nov. 26th, 2011

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HI!! *waves* Remember me? Yep, I'm still here. We're finally caught up at work so things are a little less stressful, but no where near stress free! I seriously love my work, they are awesome and understanding that sometimes you get sick and there's nothing you can do about it!! :D I also love my new smart phone, it's made working so much easier and more enjoyable because I can load movies onto it and listen to them. Also because I have unlimited data (no really, it's seriously unlimited all month long for only $10!!) I can use my Netflix app to listen to shows and movies online, it's super awesome and makes the work day fly by. :D

Robbie is enjoying daycare, he does SK at the daycare because we don't live in the area for the schools they bus to and they won't do flexible boundaries for kindergarten. :( BOO!!! Oh well, once Eric starts working we're going to move closer to my work so that he can go to school again, it's not too important this year but once he starts grade one we need to be in the area. I love how close his daycare is to my work, it makes picking him up at night so much easier. :D

We went to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair a few weekends ago and had a blast!! I took a bunch of pictures which I will post below. Robbie loved the petting farm, and milking the fake cow (yes really), I loved the market place, so many handicrafts for sale!! I bought a pair of alpaca wool fingerless gloves that are soooooo warm!! Now I want to find some alpaca wool to crochet with, it's so soft and warm and I love it! :D

Robbie is going to my parents this afternoon, we have a standing appointment that they will watch him Saturdays so that I can get some alone time with Eric and we can get some stuff done around the house or out shopping for groceries and such. Today we're doing a little of both, I need to finish my Christmas shopping and I figure today is a good day to do it, plus I need some more clothes for work because I'm tired of doing laundry all the time. :(

Anyway, on to the pics!

With the germs, they were giving out packs of the wet ones wipes! We got four packages of 12 for free!! :D YAY for going on the last day.

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