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Well we made it up North on one piece. Pulled in at 3am and I am very impressed with my car. It was such an easy trip and Eric's family is so happy to have US here. I found a wi-fish signal so I can at least use my phone as a computer to update lj and check my email. I brought my NIKON so I'll take lots of pictures.  :D

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I do actually read some fanfic, I just really got into it after joining a star trek community. I really enjoy a lot of it and most is very well written. :D
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Yes, I do not believe in miracles. If we can't explain it yet we will soon, it's what science is for, to explain the world around us and why things happen the way they do. There was a time when we couldn't explain how light worked or why things fell to the earth all the time instead of floating off into space, so yes I do believe that eventually science will have an explanation for everything.
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I would go back to when I was in High School and tell my self to go for my nursing degree instead of trying the stupid Travel and Tourism course at the vocational school. I feel like I wasted my time and money on something that I haven't used and will never get any use out of.
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Hmm, would have to be Lestat from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicle's. He was hot!


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