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Well, another Christmas come and gone, it's almost 2013 and for the first time in a while I'm actually excited to see what this year will bring! I know there are going to be huge changes coming in the next few months, Eric is going to be working soon (it's hard to look for work over Christmas, not too many places open right now) and I'm trying to start up my online business selling crochet and other crafts. We've decided that if we can swing it (once my EI runs out next winter) that I'd like to go back to staying home with Robbie and work on my store, he's calmed down a lot in school since I got laid off so I don't want to jinx it and go back to work right away and have him back slide. As much as I love my hubby he is crap at discipline and keeping Robbie out of trouble, in fact I've had to talk to both of them because they are doing something they shouldn't. Most of the problem is that with Eric's ADD and Robbie being 6 and at the height (I hope) of his inattention the two of them alone in the house all day together was a recipe for disaster. I'm slowly getting the house in order again, I can't really blame the boys for everything, I freely admit that I was depressed and just didn't care to clean or make sure the house looked nice unless someone was going to be coming over. It's so nice to have a clear head again, it feels like I haven't been able to think clearly for a decade. I cringe to think of what a bitch I was to my family some days.

OK, enough of that. I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas and that Santa was good to you! OH, almost forgot, we're using our phones as wifi hotspots so we can have internet on our computers (we have unlimited data so no worries about going over and having a huge bill) but it's spotty at best and sometimes it just won't work so if I'm not around much for the next few weeks that's why. Once Eric is working we'll be getting a new ISP, but we just can't afford it right now and we already pay for our phones so why add an expense we don't have to. Eric can even play WoW this way! It's crazy!!!!


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