Jan. 4th, 2014 01:31 pm
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These are just the ones from my phone, I'll upload the ones from my good camera later. :D

 photo IMAG0209_zps51bfdc7b.jpg
My Christmas present. :D

 photo IMAG0204_zps0a29f06e.jpg
My two boys, Arthur loves that seat so much.

 photo IMAG0194_zps9822f574.jpg
Sitting up, sort of.

 photo IMAG0167_zps95dd8b42.jpg
Walking up to the Santa Claus parade.

 photo IMAG0166_zps0b962cb5.jpg
All bundled up, it was really cold that day.

 photo IMAG0176_zps4f23846e.jpg
Coming home an hour later, look at those red cheeks and nose!

 photo IMAG0180_zps027dcc09.jpg
Waiting for the elevator, he was not pleased about going inside, he loves being outdoors in the cold.
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My mom emailed me the photos she took on Tuesday, there's only three for now but I'll add more soon. :D

 photo DSCF3195_zpse8935684.jpg A few minutes after the birth, in the hallway on the stretcher about to head to the hospital in the ambulance.

 photo DSCF3199_zps02dafd1d.jpg Proud daddy and big brother at the hospital.

 photo DSCF3202_zpsdf40d0fb.jpg He's so in love with his little brother.
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( Bold the things you've done. Then, add five things to the list, three of which you have done. )

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So with the new year and some new perspective I was wondering if I should even bother with resolutions this year, I never keep up with them and it seems a waste of time. That is until I stumbled on an interesting blog post today over on Pinstrosity (seriously, if you spend time on Pinterest or just like DIY gone wrong check it out, they are hilarious! by Marquette, one of the writers of the blog, with a great alternative to the standard vague resolution everyone makes. (Here's the link to her post where she explains it all, She writes down 101 things she wants to accomplish this year and then goes through the list whenever she is bored or wants to do something new. I love this idea so here goes my first 101 things list! It won't be complete when I post it, but I will continue to add to it which is why I have made this a sticky post so I can come back to it over time. As I complete things on my list they will be put on a completed list along with the date and a link to pictures or the recipe/directions for any projects. The thing with this is that if I don't manage to do all the things on my list by the end of the year that's ok, I still will have done a lot and can feel proud.

101 things for 2013!

1. Play with Robbie every day for at least 30 mins
2. Try 10 new recipes from Pinterest
3. Keep up with dishes for a month
4. Get business website up and running
5. Go to at least one networking meeting
6. Make three new RL friends
7. Post to business website, twitter and FB weekly once website is up
8. Learn one new craft
9. Try 5 projects from Pinterest
10. Limit fast food to once a week
11. Create and stick to a budget
12. Go on three dates with Eric
13. Take time for myself once a month
14. Start saving for a real vacation
15. Make stock for my store
16. Order/make label ribbons for attaching to my finished products for sale
17. Organize Robbie's toys
18. Clean out hall and bedroom closets
19. Attend at least one craft show to sell my wares
20. Start and stick with doing some exercise every day
21. Organize craft stuff
22. Set up a good work space for crafts
23. Do a DITL once a month for the year
24. Take more pictures of Robbie
25. Send more pictures of Robbie to the in-laws
26. Move into a bigger apartment
27. Say one positive thing to myself each day
28. Engage one stranger in conversation each time I go out of the house for one month
29. Read two new books
30. Sing karaoke once
31. Throw a dinner party once we're in a bigger apartment
32. Complete NaNoWriMo
33. Start practicing Dvorak again
34. Fit into a size large
35. Get dressed every day for a month whether I'm leaving the house or not
36. Take Robbie to the park at least once a week
37. Try 5 science experiments with Robbie
38. Reduce my pop consumption to one a day
39. Try one new food
40. Have dinner with SIL, BIL and their kids at least once a month.
41. Organize kitchen better.
42. Have more patience with Robbie.
43. Add more veggies to my meals.
44. Work out chore chart for the family.
45. Help Robbie with reading every night.

This is not done yet, I will be back to add more, but I can't think of anything else right now. :D
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Well, another Christmas come and gone, it's almost 2013 and for the first time in a while I'm actually excited to see what this year will bring! I know there are going to be huge changes coming in the next few months, Eric is going to be working soon (it's hard to look for work over Christmas, not too many places open right now) and I'm trying to start up my online business selling crochet and other crafts. We've decided that if we can swing it (once my EI runs out next winter) that I'd like to go back to staying home with Robbie and work on my store, he's calmed down a lot in school since I got laid off so I don't want to jinx it and go back to work right away and have him back slide. As much as I love my hubby he is crap at discipline and keeping Robbie out of trouble, in fact I've had to talk to both of them because they are doing something they shouldn't. Most of the problem is that with Eric's ADD and Robbie being 6 and at the height (I hope) of his inattention the two of them alone in the house all day together was a recipe for disaster. I'm slowly getting the house in order again, I can't really blame the boys for everything, I freely admit that I was depressed and just didn't care to clean or make sure the house looked nice unless someone was going to be coming over. It's so nice to have a clear head again, it feels like I haven't been able to think clearly for a decade. I cringe to think of what a bitch I was to my family some days.

OK, enough of that. I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas and that Santa was good to you! OH, almost forgot, we're using our phones as wifi hotspots so we can have internet on our computers (we have unlimited data so no worries about going over and having a huge bill) but it's spotty at best and sometimes it just won't work so if I'm not around much for the next few weeks that's why. Once Eric is working we'll be getting a new ISP, but we just can't afford it right now and we already pay for our phones so why add an expense we don't have to. Eric can even play WoW this way! It's crazy!!!!
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I don't have a ton of time right now, but I wanted to share a project I'm working on right now.

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Hey all my Canadian peeps, I hope you all had a wonderful day today and caught some amazing fireworks! We had a pretty laid back day, mostly we stayed inside and hid from the horrible heat and humidity, I did venture out this morning with Robbie to get some groceries (which felt weird to do on a holiday) but mostly we hid in the A/C. I made steak, sauteed mushrooms, corn on the cob, fries and gravy for dinner, it was so yummy!! I used the nice indoor grill my parents got me for Christmas last year, it's amazing, although I still miss having a charcoal grill. :(

Once it got dark we headed out in search of fireworks for Robbie, he loves them and has been looking forward to them all week. We first stopped at the park at the end of our street because there are usually a ton of people out there letting off fireworks, but of course today there was nothing. I've had a migraine all day and I didn't want to get stuck in the middle of a crowd so I was trying to avoid going to an official display, but we decided to risk going to City Hall because I work a block away from there and know a lot of the area well. On the way there I had the brilliant idea that we could use the underground parking at my work (you can only access it with a pass so it wasn't crowded at all) and walk over to city hall. Well, we found a nice stretch of lawn about half way between my work and city hall where we sat and watched the display. The bonus to this was that once the display was over we high tailed it back to the car and got out of the area before most people had even gotten to their cars!! WOOT, we totally avoided a huge mess of traffic and got home within an hour of leaving!!!!!! I call that a successful night. Robbie passed out in the car and then went back down fairly quickly once we got him inside and pj's on.

Now I'm just going to chill with Eric for a bit since I don't have work tomorrow! :D I'll make more of an entry tomorrow, and post some pics of Robbie's SK grad and beaver ceremony.

Happy Birthday Canada, you are an awesome country and I am proud to call you home! :D *hugs*
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Hey everyone, sorry for the last minute posting, but this totally slipped my mind. Robbie is raising money for Jump Rope For Heart and you can make a donation online now. :) So here's the link if anyone is interested in donating money, no pressure, I understand how tight everyone is these days!
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Sending out good thoughts for all the moms on my f-list, hope you're day is filled with love and that you all get some time to relax!


Jan. 5th, 2012 08:49 pm
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OK, I finally have a few minutes to sit down and update. New Years Eve was amazing! We had so much fun that I didn't get a lot of pictures. I do have two of Robbie dressed up as the 10th Doctor in his Tux with a very nice lady who was dressed as the TARDIS. She actually came over and asked if she could have her picture taken with Robbie!! :D He was such a hit, I was really nervous when we were heading out there that he wouldn't be welcome, but everyone was very nice. When we got to the hotel they were just setting up for the party (there was a dinner beforehand, but we didn't bother getting tickets for it as it cost extra) and the ball room was pretty empty so the music was really loud. We stayed for about a half hour and the whole time we had people coming up to us to tell us how adorable Robbie was. There was also a couple of people from The Doctor Who Society of Canada who stopped by to tell us about their suite upstairs in the hotel where they were watching Classic Who and serving snacks. We headed up to give Robbie's ears a break from the loud music and he loved it. They were playing The Three Doctors and Robbie was just enthralled with it, I guess I'm going to have to start getting some Classic Who for him to watch, my little Whovian!! He made it to midnight, which surprised me a lot since he had been falling asleep up in the Doctor Who suite. We left shortly after midnight even though the party was going on until at least 2am, but it probably went later than that.

Robbie has finally started sleeping at Grandma and Grandpas house, it took a while even though he really wanted to stay he would always end up calling me around 10pm to come and get him. This has been wonderful because my parents take him (almost) every Saturday and he's been sleeping over most of the times he's gone. :D It gives me and Eric a really nice break and I actually get one night of good sleep without a five year old kicking me all night. :( This Saturday he's been invited to a birthday party at Build a Bear Workshop, Emily (the birthday girl) is the one we took to Toopy and Binoo live this past summer. Robbie is really looking forward to it, I'm not, but it's only an hour. :) Once we're done there it's over to Grandma and Grandpas for the night and I'm going to get some work done around the house.

OK, on to the pics!!


The Doctor and his TARDIS!! :D She loved him so much, I actually was worried he'd get stolen while we were there, people loved him. :D

I crocheted these for my Star Trek Secret Santa exchange, they are tiny TOS uniform shirts. So easy to make BTW, if anyone wants some let me know.

And this is what I got from my Santa!! TOS ornaments!!! :D

Action shot in the tree! They actually match the colour scheme of the other ornaments on my tree since they are mostly red and gold! :D I love them so much, they are my favorite ornaments right now. :D

Well, that's it for now! Work is going well, stressful but not overwhelming. :D
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I'm so freaking excited right now, we're going out to a huge sci fi party/con sort of thing for New Years Eve and we're all dressing up as the 10th doctor, lol! Yesterday Eric and I went to Value Village (thrift store) and happened to find a blue with red pinstripe suit and a longish brown trench coat so he's going to dress up in that. I have a fem version of the "tux" he wears sometimes and Robbie also has a kids tux to wear. I'll make sure to get some pictures of all three of us tonight.

I can't wait to get there, it's going to be amazing spending NYE with a bunch of fellow nerds dancing and partying the night away! I wanted to go last year, but the whole car fiasco happened and we just couldn't afford to go, but this year I made sure to get tickets because I was determined not to spend this NYE sitting around at home. :D

So Happy New Year everyone, here's wishing that 2012 will be awesome for all my friends and family!!!! :D
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HI!! *waves* Remember me? Yep, I'm still here. We're finally caught up at work so things are a little less stressful, but no where near stress free! I seriously love my work, they are awesome and understanding that sometimes you get sick and there's nothing you can do about it!! :D I also love my new smart phone, it's made working so much easier and more enjoyable because I can load movies onto it and listen to them. Also because I have unlimited data (no really, it's seriously unlimited all month long for only $10!!) I can use my Netflix app to listen to shows and movies online, it's super awesome and makes the work day fly by. :D

Robbie is enjoying daycare, he does SK at the daycare because we don't live in the area for the schools they bus to and they won't do flexible boundaries for kindergarten. :( BOO!!! Oh well, once Eric starts working we're going to move closer to my work so that he can go to school again, it's not too important this year but once he starts grade one we need to be in the area. I love how close his daycare is to my work, it makes picking him up at night so much easier. :D

We went to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair a few weekends ago and had a blast!! I took a bunch of pictures which I will post below. Robbie loved the petting farm, and milking the fake cow (yes really), I loved the market place, so many handicrafts for sale!! I bought a pair of alpaca wool fingerless gloves that are soooooo warm!! Now I want to find some alpaca wool to crochet with, it's so soft and warm and I love it! :D

Robbie is going to my parents this afternoon, we have a standing appointment that they will watch him Saturdays so that I can get some alone time with Eric and we can get some stuff done around the house or out shopping for groceries and such. Today we're doing a little of both, I need to finish my Christmas shopping and I figure today is a good day to do it, plus I need some more clothes for work because I'm tired of doing laundry all the time. :(

Anyway, on to the pics!

With the germs, they were giving out packs of the wet ones wipes! We got four packages of 12 for free!! :D YAY for going on the last day.

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Well we made it up North on one piece. Pulled in at 3am and I am very impressed with my car. It was such an easy trip and Eric's family is so happy to have US here. I found a wi-fish signal so I can at least use my phone as a computer to update lj and check my email. I brought my NIKON so I'll take lots of pictures.  :D

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We picked up our "new" car yesterday!!! Last Saturday my brother took us car shopping and we looked at a lot of cars, there were lots of "good" deals that turned bad when we test drove them. Then we stopped at this tiny used car dealership and I thought there was no way I would find a reliable car there, but then we saw it. Well, actually Eric saw it, a cute little Toyota Corolla for $5,500. Eric was talking to the salesman while I took a Nissan Sentra out for a test drive (it had a really bad vibration when it drove) so when we came back the salesman told us he would take $600 off the price and we could have it for $4,900. Eric, Robbie and I took it out for a test drive (the salesman didn't even come with us, which was nice because we had time to discuss the car in private) and it was gorgeous! It's a 2001, so it's 10 years old, but you would never know it with how smoothly it drives! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! The whole thing came to $5,677 including the safety (and any repairs needed to pass the safety, which was just the two front tires replaced) e-testing, title transfer and plates!! We got such a good deal, I've looked up the book value for the car and it's around $5,900 so to buy the car with everything included for less than the book price is amazing! The body is great and the interior is practically brand new!

So yesterday Eric took the bank draft for the balance on the car over to the guy and picked up the car which was waiting with the plates on! He picked me up from work in it and then we picked up Robbie and went straight to buy a new booster seat for him. I just need to buy a new stereo deck as the one that came with the car sucks! It's just a CD player with nothing else, I at least want a headphone jack in it so I can plug my ipod into it. I might also upgrade the speakers a bit and put a bass cube in the back, but we'll see how much money I have. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and have no regrets at all!!

I'm going to get a Nikon DSLR soon, my Kodak digital camera died a while ago and I've been using the crappy little cell phone camera and it just doesn't take very good pictures and my in-laws are bugging me for new pictures of Robbie. So I found a nice older model D3000 that I'm thinking about getting, I just want to do some research before I make a final decision. :D I'll post a picture of my new car once I get a new camera! LOL!
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So, my Ontario friends, I have a huge favor to ask of you. I'm trying to sell this really nice electric wheelchair and I'm not having much luck. I've posted an ad on Craigslist and Kijiji, but I'm just not getting much response, so I turn to you guys. Do any of you know anyone that could use an electric wheelchair? It's in really good condition, my FIL found it on the curb and fixed it up nicely (he's a mechanic), he bought two batteries and an orthopedic cushion (one of the memory foam ones, it's really comfy) as well as he made removable/adjustable foot rest for it as it didn't have any to begin with. Now altogether the extras (batteries, cushion, etc.) are worth around $900 and the wheelchair brand new would be $1,200 so I'm only asking $600 which is an awesome deal for anyone who needs it. So, pass the word along to anyone who might know someone or would need a wheelchair themselves. Also if anyone has any other ideas to get rid of this I would love you forever, it's sitting in my front hall and for those of you who have been to our house you know there's not much room there to begin with. :(

Here's the ad on Craigslist including pictures of the wheelchair itself, pass it along please and help me out, we're totally broke and this would help so much if we could sell this thing. Thanks so much.
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funny real estate - BRB Time Travelin!
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I really want to find the plans and make a larger sized one for Robbie. :D He'd have a ball dressing up as the Doctor and pretending to fly around in his TARDIS!!

Oh, I have a new T-shirt and once I get a camera working I'll post a pic of me wearing it!! :D
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] cheerleader77, hope it's a wonderful day!!

I'll post an update later today, Eric and I had so much fun yesterday and I just need to rave about it, but not right now as I've got stuff to do, but definitely today. :D
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My camera crapped out so I had to use my cell phone to take the pictures.
A Birthday In The Life!! Warnings:Crappy cell phone pics! )
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demotivational posters - MEANWHILE
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